CBC Sling & Twist

The hygienic one-hand system for venipuncture

The first single-use tourniquet to readjust pressure - Made in Germany Deutschlandflagge

Advantages at a glance

  • Controlled compression, release and increase of pressure via twist clip
  • Easy handling due to one-hand operation
  • Allows for individual pressure for every patient
  • Single use of strap: no cross-contamination with MRSA and other germs
  • Broad strap (35 mm) prevents lacing or constricting of the skin
  • Soft fleece for an easy handling even with gloves
  • Micro velcro for easy closing and opening sticks along the complete strap
  • Convenient strap removal from the roll
  • Latex-free, Silikon-free, DEHP-free

Areas of use

  • Clinics and medical practices
  • Isolation wards
  • Rehab and blood donation centres
  • Rest and nursing homes
  • Emergencies, aerial rescue, armed forces
  • Oncology, etc.



Made in Germany Deutschlandflagge – International patents and designs pending.

CE Zeichen


Strap: 3.5 cm wide, 65 cm long


  • REF 521021   1 CBC Twist
  • REF 521021   10 CBC Twist - Value pack
  • REF 521030   Starterkit: 1 CBC Twist incl. 2 CBC Slingcross®
  • REF 521003 005  1 CBC Slingcross® roll with 50 pieces in dispenser box