The new sterilizable Tourniquet

The autoclavable tourniquet with silicone strap meeting the highest hygiene standards. Made in Germany Deutschlandflagge


Technical data

  • Sterilizable at 134 °C
  • Disinfection with alcohol-based disinfection wipes
  • Suitable for MRT
  • Comfortable, slidable silicone tourniquet – no bruising of the skin
  • Classic, sturdy snap-in closure
  • No unintentional opening in the tensioned state
  • Extra button for slow release
  • Durable, high temperature resistant material
  • Made in Germany Deutschlandflagge
  • CE Zeichen

Order data:

CBC NUCOS - Tourniquet (yellow)

Strap: 3,5 cm wide, 50 cm long


  • REF 500580