CBC Tourniquets

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Discover our colourful tourniquets for venipuncture! You have the possibility to design your own housing imprint from 250 pieces up. For orders of more than 1000 pieces individual imprints on ribbon are possible.


NEW: Our single-use tourniquets CBC-VECOS® und CBC-SLINGCROSS®. The gentle single-use tourniquets reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA. These products provide a velvety soft fleece and they are easy to apply. Optimal occlusion is ensured.


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CBC Sling & Twist – one-hand system

The hygienic system for venipuncture and to readjust pressure with one hand

CBC-VECOS® - Single-use Tourniquet

The gentle single-use tourniquet. Hygienic. Gentle. Easy. Safe.

CBC Classic Tourniquet

The proven original for daily use in hospitals, in medical practices and for paramedics.

CBC NUCOS Tourniquet

The autoclavable tourniquet with silicone strap

CBC Baby Tourniquet

For a painless application of tourniquets around tender baby arms.

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